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XPAT KnowIng

XPAT KnowIng enables database-supported organization and documentation of internal company knowledge. Only those who can give the company knowledge a structure will be able to effectively and purposefully bring the knowledge to the employees.

It is essential for the handling of company knowledge to keep this knowledge up to date by means of a workflow, to newly record important knowledge and to sort out old, unimportant ballast. It is by no means sufficient to simply file away the knowledge once. The knowledge must be maintained. The quality of knowledge storage is not only determined by the actuality of the information, but also by the selection of the information itself.

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In XPAT KnowIng, knowledge documents are created, assigned to specific areas and given a "document sponsor" who must take care of the integrity and timeliness of the documents programmatically. This sponsor must actively take care of those documents whose sponsorship he has taken over. He is supported in this work by the XPAT KnowIng software.

However, knowledge requires not only a "watchdog" but also the acceptance of the relevant target group. Here, much effectiveness can be achieved by determining who needs to read the information in question. In XPAT KnowIng, the group of people who need to know about the document is entered in the data record and the software ensures that the relevant people actually have to read the document. This makes the handling of knowledge so effective, because the employees actually know what needs to be known and because a lot of unnecessary information can be avoided.

By a well planned knowledge management, at least five major benefits can be achieved:

  • Knowledge becomes a developing, permanently updated process
  • Time saving. What should employees know, what has to be taken into account?
  • Qualification of the employees, because the knowledge level is increased
  • Improved innovation and quality management
  • Optimized, transparent and stabilized work processes.