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XPAT File (IP Management)

In addition to the state of the art, patent law facts must also be evaluated and corresponding actions must be carried out. In this work, the user is supported by the property right or file management "XPAT File". In doing so, XPAT File also accesses information from the prior art system XPAT.

Set of rules

A separate set of rules controls the automatically generated deadlines, which are recorded in the set of rules on a country-by-country basis with the corresponding fee rates. This makes it possible to control all fee- and deadline-dependent actions automatically. Of course, the set of rules can be extended to meet your own needs.

Correspondence in file form or also as e-mail

Any correspondence that is assigned to a file can also be stored in it. In the case of files, this is done by uploading them to the file, so that these file attachments can never be lost again. They are permanently linked to the file and even moving or migrating the system to other servers will transfer the files correctly.

Nowadays, many processes related to files take place via e-mail. Here it is easy to attach e-mails to the file with the file number in the subject line and, of course, to send e-mails from the file. It saves a lot of time if the email correspondence is very easy to attach to the file.

Screenshot XPAT File

Employees invention

Many files arise from invention disclosures. In addition to the bibliographic recording of the invention disclosure, the searches and the drafts for the application to the Office, the employee-inventor compensation is of great importance. This can be calculated in XPAT File in the classic way. The employee inventor compensation is shown accordingly in the file as a cost item.

Deadline monitoring

In addition to official deadlines, XPAT Akte also manages its own deadlines, so-called office deadlines. The system reminds the responsible clerks of outstanding deadlines, but also of outstanding and uncompleted deadlines. Reminders are sent both in the system and via e-mail. Likewise, for certain users the deadlines can also be listed at the push of a button. This IP management actively assists the user with many automatic functions.

Deadlines quite clearly in a calendar sheet that you can design yourself

With this function, various calendar sheets can be stored in the system, which makes it very easy to track upcoming appointments and deadlines. At a glance, it is easy to see in which file which action is required at what time. If desired, the system will remind you of actions that have not been completed.

Plausibility checks and cost recording

In a file, the system checks whether all the information is plausible. For example, are there any dates that may not be correct, etc.? When entering costs, one not only has the receipts on the file, but one can also create a list with the realized costs, as well as a cost forecast for the next time periods.

Form letters

The integrated form letter generator is very flexible. It enables the creation of innumerable own templates. In this way, it is possible to respond to the CI in the company in the form letters and to design and summarize the content of the form letters in such a way as is customary or desired in the company.

File evaluation / maintenance

By means of an evaluation catalog formulated specifically on one's own initiative, one can prepare the decision as to whether property rights should be maintained or dropped very efficiently.

Connection to fee service providers

XPAT File can be automatically connected to appropriate service providers.

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