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The company profile of G.E.I. KRAMER & HOFMANN mbH

For more than 25 years, our company has been active in the field of databases, customer information systems, patent data information systems, databases and management information systems.

Already in 1989 we were partners of STN International and have developed the "STN Personal File System" for the STN network. At that time it was possible to play STN database downloads in a local system, and locally continue to use the data. Here also the search option to the STN online system was adapted. With the Internet appearance, the STN staff filesystem has been converted to server technology, so that the application from that date could be controlled by the browser.

The company resided since 1996 in Kleinblittersdorf, right at the German - French border. A good starting location for customers from all over Germany and Europe. Kleinblittersdorf, just across the Saar from France, is also the venue of our annual information day on which customers obtain numerous comprehensive information with lectures, demonstrations and discussions.

Our team serves clients from around the world and so XPAT has gained wide acceptance.

The basis of our application solutions is the software Interhost. The following applications or fields of application have already been implemented:

  • Patent data information systems like XPAT
  • Administration of files (XPAT File)
  • Trademarks information system XPAT Trademark
  • Standards information system XPAT Standards
  • XML interchange format by one click
  • Internet/Intranet - Hosting system with a wide bunch of tools
  • Competitive Intelligence - systems
  • Literature database with online-ordering-systems like the "Werkstoffwissen" database
  • Data Transformation Services
  • Literature collection databases

All our applications are operated with standard browser functionality. An installation at every work of each individual user is therefore not necessary for multi-user systems. The system is installed on the server side under a Windows Server operating system. The interplay between database - Server Software "Inter Host 3000", a standard - webserver like Apache or IIS (TM) and the Internet - Browser allows customers even very complex systems to operate with simplest means. The strict separation of database structure information, databases and the different template files, which are decisive for the appearance of the applications, offers numerous advantages.

The applications are used across industries, mainly in the fields of information / documentation, Research and Development as well as in the fields of patent documentation / monitoring and literature management.

In our company, we always work together and closely co-ordiante eachother. We understand Sales, development and support of customers as a collaborative work.

Overall, our systems are used in companies that have together hundreds of thousands of employees. Taking care of our customers proceeds from the headquarters in Kleinblittersdorf. We are proud that we look after our customers in direct contact and they do not refer to a call center. It is possible for us to look after our systems in various ways and to maintain.

So we prefer offering XPAT as a customer - inhouse - solution. The server is then in charge of the customer who can apply his own IT - security policies. But because of the care expenses of the system there are also hosted systems by us for the client. These are priced very low, but has the disadvantage that the customer is not working in the same network as the server.

For maintenance we provide a personal phonecall, a remote maintenance solution for example with TeamViewer or the real remote access through us. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to decide on the procedure.

Through years of experience, we have developed a network that can provide you as a customer with software solutions from our home addition like research services, fees and payment services as well as patent legal services.

We place special emphasis on short response times which the customer relies on. Once a year we invite our customers to Kleinblittersdorf to discuss with them the future developments of our products. More close than here the customer is never involved in the development of systems. Another advantage is that you get to know more people who use XPAT at this event. Since we founded our customers implement their requests for free within maintenance contracts which can benefit each XPAT customer. So every good idea of customers helps at the same time all other XPAT users.