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Useful information, tips and definitions from the IP area

We link here to important and useful pages from the IP area or to explanatory pages that we have compiled ourselves. We are looking forward to your suggestions or criticism. Again and again we notice that there is often a lack of deeper knowledge about the IP area. We will try to take up interesting topics here again and again. For your help, they are welcome to contact us. We are sure to have one or two tips for you.

The patent research

-> How to search patent data skillfully and efficiently in XPAT and with the help of external databases

Patent searches are to a certain extent also manual work. In addition to knowledge of the technology, we believe it is essential to follow certain rules and a systematic approach to searching.

Important conclusions from the German Patent Act on questions concerning the handling of possibly protected technology

-> German Patent law and its concrete requirements for all business actors

Often enough, the patent system is presented as something less important in the company. However, it is obvious that this is not the case and that the management is always involved in IP infringements.

Information on the definition of the term "patent family

-> Definition of the term "patent family

What is a patent family? A short explanation follows here, because the term is not of legal nature but it plays an important role in the patent system.

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