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XPAT Software : Patent Search, IP Management, IP Tools

XPAT refers to a product family that includes software and tools around working with Intellectual Property. We have been developing these tools in close consultation with our customers for over 30 years. The range of services is correspondingly comprehensive. The XPAT system is suitable for the following target groups:

  • Patent departments of large and small companies
  • Searchers
  • Patent law firms that want to offer more to their clients
  • Service providers who want to offer their own databases

Patent search for foreign property rights

An important task in business is researching and monitoring third-party property rights. These property rights can be patents, trademarks or designs (formerly registered designs). For this data we have developed XPAT software, which allows searching, viewing, evaluating, distributing and monitoring the documents. Conscientious handling of patent information generates a knowledge advantage. Recognizing development trends in good time is an important building block for promoting one's own innovative strength. Another important aspect is to keep your own inventors up to date on new ideas and developments as early as possible.
(->XPAT Patents)
Informing about foreign property rights

Informing about own property rights

Management of own property rights

In addition, there are the XPAT tools for own property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs but also license and other contracts, patent oppositions and inventions. The evaluation of patents is an important step to clarify which own patents should be maintained. But also oppositions in opposition files, correspondence with attorneys, inventor compensation, maintenance and licensing are covered by XPAT File. A connection to a fee service provider is available.
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IP work in general

In addition, there are other XPAT tools such as the search documentation RecDoc, with the help of which you can avoid duplicate researches and always find a quick entry point for updating search strategies in already developed topics. The organization of scheduled patent meetings is the domain of the XPAT IP Meet module. XPAT Products enables the execution of "Dynamic Virtual Marking", which is essential for the enforcement of claims in Anglo-American countries. Those who do not mark their products there with their rights protecting these products will have a hard time having misconduct sanctioned.
(->XPAT RecDoc Research and Documentation)
Tools to support the patent department

Knowledge management transparent and always up to date

Knowledge Management

XPAT has opened up a new sector with the XPAT KnowIng module. With the help of this module, internal company knowledge is consistently and transparently prepared and made available to the target persons. Checklists, machine information, learning videos, legal texts, regulations, etc. are always available to employees. (->XPAT KnowIng)