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XPAT Standards

Standards are an important source of prior art information. Every standard is the summary of "Prior art". These technical rules are mandatory in the realization of products. Standards on the one hand are a great way to learn about the currently existing technology. A standard is the minimum requirement of prior art. On the other hand, standards also are published knowledge from different technologies.

XPAT Standards screenshot

Proven techniques / functionality as SDI and the search language Messenger from XPAT are also used in the XPAT standards application. So the operation of the system is very easy. XPAT standards goes beyond an ordinary standard information system, because it allows the publishing of independent working rules and works-standard specifications and own regulations. All kinds of standards can also be easily managed in the system. Also, important is a personal assignment of standards. If, for example, a standard is replaced by another one or if there is a completely new standard, the assigned users will be automatically and specifically informed. To get this information, it is not required to buy the standard without the user's release of such an order. Also, various sources of data can be used in the system.

We provide the standard information system "XPAT standards" within a cooperation with Landl & Partner in Austria. XPAT standards is supervised from there and this makes a further significant difference from other systems. The service relieves the company of many scheduling problems around the standardization. Very important it is that even in the event of staff turnover, continuity can be ensured with the service provided.

  • XML exchange formats at your fingertips
  • Searching in metadata
  • Setup of awareness services (SDI)
  • personal assignment of standards
  • Freedom to decide
  • Continuity in the case of staff exchange
  • Relief in case of scheduled works